Károly Erik Illy

President Dutch Pediatric Society


• 1973-1979 Gymnasium ß, Spinoza Lyceum, Amsterdam
• 1979-1987 Med school, University of Amsterdam
• 1989-1994 Specialty Paediatrics, Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis, Utrecht
• 2006-2008 Executive MBA at Business School Netherlands, Buren


• 1994-now General Paediatrician at Ziekenhuis Rivierenland Tiel (ZRT)
o Subspecialties: pulmonary diseases, diabetes mellitus and ADHD
o Member of section pulmonology Dutch Academy of Paediatrics
o Member of section endocrinology Dutch Academy of Paediatrics
o Member of section social paediatrics Dutch Academy of Paediatrics

Patient Safety

• 2007-now Chairman Central Commission Patient Safety ZRT
• 2008-now Member National Commission Patient Safety Dutch Academy of Paediatrics
• 2010-now Organizer of teaching classes and master classes for Dutch paediatricians
• 2013-now Member National Network of Chief Medical Patient Safety Officers.

Administrative experience at Ziekenhuis Rivierenland Tiel

• 2002-2010 Chairman Medical Board ZRT
• 2002-2010 Member Management Team ZRT
• 2001-now Chairman Pediatric Foundation Rivierenland

Dutch Pediatric Society

• 2012-2016 Board member Dutch Pediatric Society
• 2016-now President Dutch Pediatric Society

Electronic Health Record

• 2008-now Executive Project Board Electronic Health Record ZRT
• 2011-now Chairman International Steering group European User Forum Soarian

Other Administrative experience

• 2009-now Owner of Bicomed, organization for communication and education for medical professionals
• 2013-2018 Member Supervisory Board Merem Health Care Centres
• 1992-1998 Chairman Dutch Ostomy Association “Harry Bacon”
• 1995-1997 President European Ostomy Association
• 1997-2000 Chairman World Ostomy Congress 2000
• 1998-2018 Member Advisory Board Dutch Ostomy Association “Harry Bacon”
• 2008-2011 Boardmember Dansac Foundation

• 2007-2011 Member editorial Board “NotaBene”, magazine for patient safety
• 2008 MBA dissertation: “Strategic marketing Ziekenhuis Rivierenland Tiel”
• 2008-2018 Member editorial Board “Praktische Pediatrie”, paediatric training magazine
• 2011-now Member editorial Board “Leerboek Kindergeneeskunde”, Dutch paediatric textbook
• 2012 Member editorial Board “Safe Care for Sick Children”, Dutch textbook on paediatric patient safety